Discussion on the theme of Post-Singularity
Tec Art, Rotterdam, 2016

The Kick-Off Event at Tec Art included talks and a follow-up discussion, which debated the potential consequences of the Singularity from a variety of critical perspectives.

It became clear that most members of the audience viewed the scenario of the Singularity as a fictional narrative propagated by (semi-) religious cults based in Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Taking the proposed visions of the Singularity seriously, the discussion of Post-Singularity scenarios was wide-ranged. Although humans still struggle to understand the human experience, could they be able to produce sophisticated artificial intelligence? Even if this was to happen, intelligent machines might not become embedded into society enough to produce a Singularity event. Machine intelligence might only be able to operate in simplified versions of the societies we know today. Thinking about post-singularity post-work societies, how could governance be defined? Will a corporate elite, in control of super-intelligent machines, govern masses of servants? As it turned out, speculations about Post-Singularity future scenarios came back to reflections about the society we live in today.